Sunday, May 29, 2011

Well we just got home, from the US this afternoon!!
We had a great trip!!
When we started out on Tuesday we thought we would like to go to Boston for Boston Clam Chowder!!LOL
But once we talked to some people in a few different place they said don't go to Boston the Hockey is on and they are a bunch of SNOBS! And they can't drive!!Hahaha
Well we never found out as we headed to Cape Cod instead and it was just lovely!!
We had lots of great sea food and fun!!
6 of us took off Tuesday morning and went as far a Watertown NY. Did a bunch of power shopping there!!LOL
Wednesday we stopped in Lenox MA. and did bit of shopping there and this is the first time people said don't go to Boston, so we looked at a map and up came Cape Cod!! So we made reservations and off we went Thursday morning for the Cape!!
We arrived in Cape Cod and shopped till we dropped and did sight seeing and ate lots of food!!LOL
Grant and Annie had the award winning clam chowder at Captain Somebody? They said it was the best they ever had!! I had the rice pudding for desert and it was just like my Grandfather made, just pure heaven!!!LOL
We hit the beach for a walk and also hit a famous night spot on the Cape, but we didn't stay long as the age group was a little young for us, so back to the hotel where we met up with a nice young couple and sat ouside and had lots of laughs!!
The Cape had the most beautiful homes, so pretty and well groomed!! Everyone had their homes and businesses decked out for the Memorial Day Weekend!!
We got our poppies at one store from a Vet!!
This holiday is like our November 11th Rememberance Day!!
We hit some of the tourist traps like Candy Co, and India and t-shirt type place, and many more!!
We even hit a yard sale on Friday morning on the Cape as we saw a fellow put up signs by our hotel, so on the way to have breakfast we stopped, of course I was the only one to buy something!!LOL I got a set of salt and peppers that match my good dishes, and yes they made it home in one peice!!LOL
All in All it was a great time, but it always nice to come home to your own BED!!!LOL
Hugs P

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