Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hmmm!!! Didn't think it was this long!!LOL

Well time does fly when all H*** hits you!!!!
We were hit by a bad wind storm!!
Grants slide of the shop got hit by falling trees, and the area and our forest was devestated by this storm!!! It is a terrible thing to happen to trees, twisted and snapped right off!!
Some look like they where put through a shreader!!!
It tooks us an hour to get out of my brothers driveway to go home to see what the damage was!!
It's not very nice feeling when you see the path of distruction and know it is on or close to your own home!!
The garage needs at least 3 trusses repaired, siding, roofing and fasha!!
Insurance it taking care of it!!
We had a nice lot of trees beside the garage and all where wiped out but one?
We are just greatful the house wasn't hit, but we had cleared all trees tall enough to hit the house when we built, but I think we will be looking around again as we have been here almost 5 years now so I'm sure a few more can be weeded out!!
The guys have cleaned up a lot of our oads and trails we use arounf the 4 properties, so we can get arond again!! Last weekend was a big clean up!!!
We are taking each day as it comes and doing fine!!
This weekend is the Jamboree, we are expecting rain aall weekend, but hope that is just a nice easy rain so I can still set up and all my other new vendors too!!
That's about everything!!

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Gunnel said...

Hi Pat! I found your blog!!!! I´ll pop in here now and when, because I need to practice on my English. But I must admit that I cheated a little. I used Google Translate. Have a nice day.