Friday, May 20, 2011


So I have been searching different things on the web these days and I like to use things that we throw away!!
So in my search I came across this UPCYCLE!! So its' not recycling when it comes to crafting. It upcycle!!
I like this term better!!
I have been repurposing things for years.
We go to our local dump every 2 weeks to drop or garbage, but we also scop out the drop areas for the larger areas, our dump also has a drop hut for good clothes and house hold items!!
I will even pic up stuff set out on the road!! I have gotten lots of neat stuff this way too!!
Right now I am looking for aluminum can projects for my cousin, he does the airplanes and has designed a dragonfly too.
I have only found one guy that sells his projects, but I have been looking for others.
I also noticed a lot of soda can jewellery cut on a sizzex, I have done that, but felt it was a little sharp, but I am seeing some of my dies being used, so I am hoping before my next show to get some of these done too!!
Heading to Boston soon, and while down there I will get in a bunch of shopping for some supplies and maybe a couple kits, one I want to try is the clear resin.
Anyway soo0000 many ideas so little time!!LOL

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