Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hmmm!!! Didn't think it was this long!!LOL

Well time does fly when all H*** hits you!!!!
We were hit by a bad wind storm!!
Grants slide of the shop got hit by falling trees, and the area and our forest was devestated by this storm!!! It is a terrible thing to happen to trees, twisted and snapped right off!!
Some look like they where put through a shreader!!!
It tooks us an hour to get out of my brothers driveway to go home to see what the damage was!!
It's not very nice feeling when you see the path of distruction and know it is on or close to your own home!!
The garage needs at least 3 trusses repaired, siding, roofing and fasha!!
Insurance it taking care of it!!
We had a nice lot of trees beside the garage and all where wiped out but one?
We are just greatful the house wasn't hit, but we had cleared all trees tall enough to hit the house when we built, but I think we will be looking around again as we have been here almost 5 years now so I'm sure a few more can be weeded out!!
The guys have cleaned up a lot of our oads and trails we use arounf the 4 properties, so we can get arond again!! Last weekend was a big clean up!!!
We are taking each day as it comes and doing fine!!
This weekend is the Jamboree, we are expecting rain aall weekend, but hope that is just a nice easy rain so I can still set up and all my other new vendors too!!
That's about everything!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Well we just got home, from the US this afternoon!!
We had a great trip!!
When we started out on Tuesday we thought we would like to go to Boston for Boston Clam Chowder!!LOL
But once we talked to some people in a few different place they said don't go to Boston the Hockey is on and they are a bunch of SNOBS! And they can't drive!!Hahaha
Well we never found out as we headed to Cape Cod instead and it was just lovely!!
We had lots of great sea food and fun!!
6 of us took off Tuesday morning and went as far a Watertown NY. Did a bunch of power shopping there!!LOL
Wednesday we stopped in Lenox MA. and did bit of shopping there and this is the first time people said don't go to Boston, so we looked at a map and up came Cape Cod!! So we made reservations and off we went Thursday morning for the Cape!!
We arrived in Cape Cod and shopped till we dropped and did sight seeing and ate lots of food!!LOL
Grant and Annie had the award winning clam chowder at Captain Somebody? They said it was the best they ever had!! I had the rice pudding for desert and it was just like my Grandfather made, just pure heaven!!!LOL
We hit the beach for a walk and also hit a famous night spot on the Cape, but we didn't stay long as the age group was a little young for us, so back to the hotel where we met up with a nice young couple and sat ouside and had lots of laughs!!
The Cape had the most beautiful homes, so pretty and well groomed!! Everyone had their homes and businesses decked out for the Memorial Day Weekend!!
We got our poppies at one store from a Vet!!
This holiday is like our November 11th Rememberance Day!!
We hit some of the tourist traps like Candy Co, and India and t-shirt type place, and many more!!
We even hit a yard sale on Friday morning on the Cape as we saw a fellow put up signs by our hotel, so on the way to have breakfast we stopped, of course I was the only one to buy something!!LOL I got a set of salt and peppers that match my good dishes, and yes they made it home in one peice!!LOL
All in All it was a great time, but it always nice to come home to your own BED!!!LOL
Hugs P

Friday, May 20, 2011


So I have been searching different things on the web these days and I like to use things that we throw away!!
So in my search I came across this UPCYCLE!! So its' not recycling when it comes to crafting. It upcycle!!
I like this term better!!
I have been repurposing things for years.
We go to our local dump every 2 weeks to drop or garbage, but we also scop out the drop areas for the larger areas, our dump also has a drop hut for good clothes and house hold items!!
I will even pic up stuff set out on the road!! I have gotten lots of neat stuff this way too!!
Right now I am looking for aluminum can projects for my cousin, he does the airplanes and has designed a dragonfly too.
I have only found one guy that sells his projects, but I have been looking for others.
I also noticed a lot of soda can jewellery cut on a sizzex, I have done that, but felt it was a little sharp, but I am seeing some of my dies being used, so I am hoping before my next show to get some of these done too!!
Heading to Boston soon, and while down there I will get in a bunch of shopping for some supplies and maybe a couple kits, one I want to try is the clear resin.
Anyway soo0000 many ideas so little time!!LOL

Thursday, May 19, 2011

May Long Weekend!!!!

Well it's the May 2 4 Long weekend, here in Canada!!
It's yard sale city every where, every group has their sale this weekend!!
Grant and I will be out to a few tomorrow, and Saturday morning too!!
All the cottagers come up to open up there cottages and trailers.
This is also the start of not going down town except in the early morning!!LOL
Tourist take over up here and it is no fun for the rest of us!!
As far as I know we have no one coming up, but my brother has a house full so I imagine we will be over there a lot this weekend!!
BBQ'n and having fun watching the young ones go for the first dip in the lake of the season!!
It will be cold as we haven't had a lot of hot days in a row!! All the power to them, I will wait till mother nature heats up the water!!
With the price of gas right now it is keeping family and friends at home more, so we may have a quiet summer.....Naaaa not likely!!!LOL
Have a great one all!!
Play safe and enjoy the summer!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jamboree Vendors

Well I have had a busy few days signing up vendors for the up coming 4th Annual Kinmount Country Jamboree.
We are offering Free Vendor set up this year!!
I have been put in charge in finding new vendors!!
I have really enjoyed this!!
A list of vendors so far.....
Home Party Jewellery.."Just Jewelry"
Handmade barn board furniture...."The Rustic Cottager"
LED and fire toys...."Friendly Fire"
Wook items for the home, watkins, copper and silver jewellery,
lawn ornaments and more, my jewellery too!!
I have 15 vendors to date!!
I have been getting a good variety, and I am thrilled and o are the organizers!!
I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!LOL
Hahahaha!! Just got another call for a vendor as I was typing!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

To the dump we go!!!

Well as my blog name says I like to seek out old stuff and make it anew!!
Today we went to the dump on our by-weekly run.
Not much to get, but I did pick up a craft paint holder!!
I bought mine at Micheals Reg. Price of $65, but I had a coupon for 50% off, so I paid about $35 for it.
So I couldn't believe my eyes went I saw one sitting at the dump, almost new!!
I think I will use it for displaying earrings on at my shows!!
Re-Claim it to a new purpose!!LOL

Jamboree Fun!!

Well the Jamboree season starts next month for us!!
I have decided to be vendor at a couple of the ones we go to.
I am for sure going to be a vendor at the Kinmount Country Jamboree this year.
I am also in charge of finding new vendors and offering them free set up!!
So far I have 10 booths signed up, and no repeats yet!!
I am very excited about this season and have been having a lot of fun buying my stock!!
I have a ton of bandanas , and have been making them into other things.
I also have been making charm earrings.
I will post pictures of some of my creations in the next couple days!!
I am very excited about doing this!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Down to the wire!!

Well we are getting down to the wire of our yard sale!!

I am praying every day for good weather starting today!!

We are taking all Mom and Dad's stuff to another town to sell it!!

We would never get the prices for Moms collectibles up here, so off to Oshawa we go!!

Today we take the first load. We have 2 pick-ups and 2 trailers heading down after lunch.

We are setting up at DH's sons, so it will all be stored in the garage till tomorrow.

We have tents so it will be rain or shine, but I am still praying for shine!!LOL

Tomorrow we take down the second load and our travel trailers, to stay in!!

We will park those at my sisters, so we have a place to sleep for the weekend and we don't put anyone out. We like to take care of ourselves!!

So set up starts tomorrow, we will tarp everything in, till Friday and we will finish the set up then. We start selling Friday afternoon, and through till Sunday!!

I can't wait to get this thing going!!

I love putting on a yard sale, but I love going to them even more!!LOL

Wish Us Luck!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weather I do or weather I don't!!

So how is your weather??

It has been a little crazy of late!!

We are to get a big windy storm today, but you would never know it right now!!!

It's pretty sad you have to plan your day around the weather!!

They are taking 80km winds this afternoon!!

Right now it is sunny and calm outside!!

Yestarday the same till about 3pm then a down poor came and lasted about 15 minutes!!

I said to DH it feels and sounds like a lake emptying outside!!LOL

You could barely see across the front lawn!!

We were going to go shopping to Costco today but don't want to get caught up in this storm they are talking about!! Just as well we have work to do around here anyway!!

Getting ready for a big garage sale for may 6,7&8th!!

I must say though it is nice to have the windows open!!!!!

Love that nice fresh air clearing the winter out of the house!!LOL

I love hearing the outside sounds like the birds, yes even the rain!!

My crafting is on hold right now till we get this sale over with.

Last night I bought a bunch of supplies on Ebay.

I am planning on doing a couple of the jamborees this summer so I needed country music and cowboy type charms, for that!!

I will pick up some bandanas too!!

If you have any other ideas I could sell in the accessories line drop me a line!!

I will see what I have out in the shop too!! I know I have a laso!!lol

Well not much else going on!!

Till next time be save!!



Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rainy Day Saturday!!

Well it has been Raining most of the day today!!

April showers bring May flowers!!

I guess we have to put up with the rainy weather to have our dull landscape's go away!!

The grass is starting to come up green as the hours tic by today, I also have flowers popping up in my side garden, which is nice to see!!

DH is away at the camp with his Son and Grandson to make sure every ones trailers weathered well this past winter!! We had lots of snow this year!!

Today I am staying in the house out of the cold and damp, cleaning is on the agenda for me, but I'm having a hard time getting motivated!!LOL

It's already time for dinner and I have been watching tv and doing the odd thing!!LOL

I just installed my McAfee and cleaned up my emails!!

Last night 20 of us went out for dinner and had a lovely time!!

It was our friend Grannie Annie's 56th Birthday, after dinner we all went over to their house and sat around and chatted about our winters!! I placed an order with Annie's daughter Christy and she sells Pampered Chef!! I made Annie an out door round rug for her veranda, it is made of a fiber ribbon that I have been working with!! It feels like paper, but no matter how hard you try you can not tare the stuff!!

I think we got home about 12am!!

Well I hope I have my ambition tomorrow!!LOL

Friday, April 15, 2011

Things I have been working on

Well Well!!! Time really does FLY!!

Well!! It has been a long time!! OMG!!!!!

So much has happened I hardly know where to begin!!

I lost my Wonderful Mom!!

She was a couple weeks shy of her 83rd Birthday when she passed.

I miss her dearly and every day!!

I am now on high speed so will be on a lot more and hope to get selling again on Kijiji and maybe

Ebay again, still not sure on the Ebay?

We have added onto our wonderful home a mud room, but stuff still seems to get tracked in!!Ugh

Our Grandchildren are growing out of control and 2 are now driving!!UGH

I had a wonderful craft show season last fall!!!

I did a show last weekend and did pretty good!!

I am thinking of changing my business yet again to a quilting and clothing shop!!

I was thinking of a name something like Happy Scrappy Quilt Shop & Clothing or

just The Scrappy Quilt Shop!!

Anyway it will be a year or so in the making!! I would like to have my SIL in on it too!!

I will still have my jewellery and such displayed too!!

Will never give up all my crafting!!LOL