Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 21st!!!! The First Day of SNOW????

October Snow???
This picture is taken from the door way on the back deck!!

Last year on this day it was 26*c today 2008 SNOW????UGH!!!!

I know I sure wasn't ready for this!!

I'm still wearing open toed sandles!!LOL

It was raining when I left for my painting class,

and as we drove north it got more and more snowy!!

When I got back home at 12:30pm we were covered in snow too!!

Oh well!! It is coming!!Ugh

On a more fun note I did start going to a painting class on Tuesdays!!

It is a water colour painting class and it cost a wopping $3 a class!!LOL

One of my friends mentioned that she goes every week and when she found out I paint she asked me to come along!! We will take turns driving as it is a 1/2hr away!!

This Class is held at a Legion and there is a teacher, she brings in a suject to paint or you can work on what ever you want!!

I took a picture of an elk to paint for DH and the camp!!

They don't hunt elk,

but I liked that it looked pretty easy for me!!LOL

I took lessons a few years back and picked up my brushes again this summer!!

There was about 12 ladies there and 2 men come and they Draw!!

I think the money goes to the legion, not to the teacher!!

Everyone was very nice and willing to help!!

It's nice sitting and creating with like minded people!!

I need to be better prepared for next week!!

I didn't know what to bring this first week!!

When I took lessons before every thing was there for us, meaning water containers, paper towels and such. I guess for $3 I should have clued in!!LOL

I will set up a bag of my needs for next week!!
Well I just got back from the UCW meeting and we discussed the craft show for this weekend!!
Looks like we have a sell out show, all my tables are rented
and the last of the advertising is done!!
The tea the ladies put on was organised and all areas of the show are ready to roll!!
I am doing my baking tomorrow and freezing it for friday!!
I have to get my show stuff ready and at the door for loading ready as
I wont have time on Friday!!
Wish me luck!!!

So thanks Giving was a blast!!
We had 20 people for dinner!!
Yep 20!!!
We had 2 turkeys, 1 roast of beef & 1 ham, I made mash potatoes, c
arrots & parsnips, turnip, Brocoli & cauliflower!!
We had no less than 5 different desserts too!!
It was a great gathering of freinds and family!!
A couple days later my mom said how much she enjoy the dinner and evening!!
I love my house filled with freinds and family!!!
We had lovely weather too, which makes for everyone to be in a good mood too!!
Well my next post wont be till after the show!!
I will try and take some pictures to share on here!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's Our Canadian Thanksgiving Long Weekend!!

Wow what a Great day we had!!!
This morning we(DH, Me, DB & SIL headed out early and did a few garage sale,
after that went out to Breakfast!!
I got a few new display racks for the shop!!
One of the sales was selling off a business, and that is were
I got one big whirly rack and plastic bins that hook on the peg board of it!
The other display is a metal tree that hold ornaments but I will paint it
black to hang jewellery on!! I also got about 6 ornament display stands too!!
I didn't even spend $10 on all this!! Got to love that!!!
I will take some pic's tomorrow of the racking!!
When we got back we got out our ATV's and took a nice long ride into the back property!!
I had not been to this area, it was amazing!!
We drove on hunting paths, back into a maple grove, and pinery!!!
It would take 3 people to hug the tree base!! It was great!!!!!
We were on the most beautiful ridge!! I was in awh!!!!
After our ride we went back to my DB&SIL and ended up staying for
dinner and a very spirited game of ucher!!
DH plays for fun, but he saw a different side of my brother and he didn't like it!!LOL
My DB and I played as partners, it is usually SIL & Me as partners, so it was a different experience for DH be on the other side of my DB!!!
I was in stitches, watching DH see the side of my DB, I know very well!!LOL
DH said he never wanted to play cards with DB again!!LOL
I just explained to him, that the way he plays is to win and we play to have fun!!!
My brother and I were born with cards in our hands!!LOL
I love to play, both for fun and competitively!! But I know were to draw the line!!
You have to be on your game with DB or he will eat you alive!!LOLOLOL
DH had a couple drinks so he was not so sharp, so I told him not to drink,
if he did play cards with him again!!
I hope DH doesn't feel picked on as DH & DB are best friends and I want it to stay that way!!!
Oh such little boys they still are!!!LOL

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Wow!! Time Flies!!

I can't believe I haven't had the time to post on here!!!
I have been so busy getting crafters and advertising every were I can for free!!
My hard work has paid off though!!
I am please to say that I have only 2 tables left to rent in the community center,
but if need be, I can open another room that can take another 12 tables if I need them!!
I am hoping that I will need them too!!
I want this to be the best Church Christmas Craft Show they have ever had!!!!!
I must have 10 posts at different web sites in an 80 mile radius!!LOL
I also have submitted free ads for all the local news papers,
which are 5 in this area, ever week since I started.
I have printed off and done up with bright back ground paper,
over 50 show posters, and a few hundred small flyers.
The Ladies of the church have been posting them every where!!LOL
I have just a couple weeks till the show day, and I am very happy with the results so far!!!
I took in my floor plan for the attendent at the community center, and talked to her today!!
Now I have joined and will be sitting on another commity as of today!!
I belonged to a community group called the B.R.A.S.S. and went to an emergency meeting today as it was thought that the group was going to disband, and no longer BE!!!
So mom and I headed out to the meeting and We faught for it to stay together!!!
In turn I found myself putting up my hand to be on the new commity, and they asked me to be the president, but I said I wasn't sure about that, but would think about it and would definetly be on the commity!!!
There was just 3 of us that volonteered,
so we will have our commity meeting and decide then!!
This is a new version of a seniors group, but we changed our name a few years back,
and I have been a member for about 5 years, but not very active with my parents being so ill!!
Dad is gone now but he liked this group, and with mom's stroke this year it has made it hard for us to get to events, but we will turn our attention to this group and try and get it back on it's feet again!!! This is a very wealthy group and we didn't want to see this money just given away to just anyone, so our aim is to do some good with this money in the community!!
Also we need to do a lot of updating, in the events we want to do and the people we
want to attract!!
Anyway!!! That is what I have been doing of late!!!
Hope everyone is doing well!!