Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weather I do or weather I don't!!

So how is your weather??

It has been a little crazy of late!!

We are to get a big windy storm today, but you would never know it right now!!!

It's pretty sad you have to plan your day around the weather!!

They are taking 80km winds this afternoon!!

Right now it is sunny and calm outside!!

Yestarday the same till about 3pm then a down poor came and lasted about 15 minutes!!

I said to DH it feels and sounds like a lake emptying outside!!LOL

You could barely see across the front lawn!!

We were going to go shopping to Costco today but don't want to get caught up in this storm they are talking about!! Just as well we have work to do around here anyway!!

Getting ready for a big garage sale for may 6,7&8th!!

I must say though it is nice to have the windows open!!!!!

Love that nice fresh air clearing the winter out of the house!!LOL

I love hearing the outside sounds like the birds, yes even the rain!!

My crafting is on hold right now till we get this sale over with.

Last night I bought a bunch of supplies on Ebay.

I am planning on doing a couple of the jamborees this summer so I needed country music and cowboy type charms, for that!!

I will pick up some bandanas too!!

If you have any other ideas I could sell in the accessories line drop me a line!!

I will see what I have out in the shop too!! I know I have a laso!!lol

Well not much else going on!!

Till next time be save!!



Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rainy Day Saturday!!

Well it has been Raining most of the day today!!

April showers bring May flowers!!

I guess we have to put up with the rainy weather to have our dull landscape's go away!!

The grass is starting to come up green as the hours tic by today, I also have flowers popping up in my side garden, which is nice to see!!

DH is away at the camp with his Son and Grandson to make sure every ones trailers weathered well this past winter!! We had lots of snow this year!!

Today I am staying in the house out of the cold and damp, cleaning is on the agenda for me, but I'm having a hard time getting motivated!!LOL

It's already time for dinner and I have been watching tv and doing the odd thing!!LOL

I just installed my McAfee and cleaned up my emails!!

Last night 20 of us went out for dinner and had a lovely time!!

It was our friend Grannie Annie's 56th Birthday, after dinner we all went over to their house and sat around and chatted about our winters!! I placed an order with Annie's daughter Christy and she sells Pampered Chef!! I made Annie an out door round rug for her veranda, it is made of a fiber ribbon that I have been working with!! It feels like paper, but no matter how hard you try you can not tare the stuff!!

I think we got home about 12am!!

Well I hope I have my ambition tomorrow!!LOL

Friday, April 15, 2011

Things I have been working on

Well Well!!! Time really does FLY!!

Well!! It has been a long time!! OMG!!!!!

So much has happened I hardly know where to begin!!

I lost my Wonderful Mom!!

She was a couple weeks shy of her 83rd Birthday when she passed.

I miss her dearly and every day!!

I am now on high speed so will be on a lot more and hope to get selling again on Kijiji and maybe

Ebay again, still not sure on the Ebay?

We have added onto our wonderful home a mud room, but stuff still seems to get tracked in!!Ugh

Our Grandchildren are growing out of control and 2 are now driving!!UGH

I had a wonderful craft show season last fall!!!

I did a show last weekend and did pretty good!!

I am thinking of changing my business yet again to a quilting and clothing shop!!

I was thinking of a name something like Happy Scrappy Quilt Shop & Clothing or

just The Scrappy Quilt Shop!!

Anyway it will be a year or so in the making!! I would like to have my SIL in on it too!!

I will still have my jewellery and such displayed too!!

Will never give up all my crafting!!LOL