Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Early Morning!!!

Well I don't know what is going on with me, but I have been waking at 5am
the past few days and I hate it!!!
DH is loving it as he has someone to talk to now!!LOL
But by about 8:30 am I am ready to go back to bed, so I do or try to!!LOL
Just for an hour!! I have always been an 8am wake up person, but something must be changing in me??? All I know is I'm not liking it much!!
It has been screwing up my day!!LOL
Anyway I hope to get to bed early tonight and get a good long nights sleep!!
And wake at a more normal time!!!Hahahahaha
Today it was nasty out!! I took mom into town for an apt, but first to the bank
and we got caught in the worst of the rain!!
Mom doesn't move to fast and I have to help get her out of the car,
so we got good and wet today!!
I don't know why I did my hair before we left, but force of habit I guess!!
We got all our running around done and on the way home we hit a detour!!
I went the back way around the detour and came back on the road I wanted.
We found out on the 6pm news that it was a serious wreck!!
I figured as much since we had to get out of the way of a fire truck when we
were pulling into the DR office in town!!
I hope and pray everyone is ok!!!!!
Yesterday I got all the flyer's done for the Church craft show,
so I delivered them to the church so the girls could pick them up to post in surrounding towns!!
I did get 2 calls for tables today and one cancelling,
so I'm still at the same number of tables sold!!LOL
I hope the ads work out as we need to sell a lot more tables to fill just one hall!!
Tomorrow I'm going up to the Artisans store
to pick up some business cards, and call some more people!!!
The BRAG news letter was in the mail today and it had the sale advertised in it,
so maybe it will generate a few more table sales!!
One of the news paper did not have my ad in it today so I will call tomorrow to see why??
I stopped in at Staples today and picked up ink for my printers,
all 3 of them, DH said he would pay half, but he was a little P'd when I told him half was $90!!LOL They had some on sale so I got an extra set!!LOL
Didn't get into the shop today!!
I know I'm bad, but I will get in there tomorrow, in the afternoon!!
I will take some pic's and post them on here of some of my new jewellery
I have made for the fall shows!!
Right now I am working mostly on Earrings!!
They are my best sellers at the shows!!
Well that's about all the excitement I have for today!!HAHAHAHA!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nice Weekend!!!

Well it was a nice easy weekend!!
My card partner and I did great yesterday!!
We won 7 of 9 games but the other half of our team only won
2 games so we ended up in 9th place only 1 off from going on to the next tourney!!
We had a lot of fun all the same!!
I signed up for another craft show for Nov. so that is good!!
I think I only need one more booking and I will be all booked for the season!!
I got a commission for a wire and bead butterfly sun catcher yesterday too!!
I guess I will have to design this so I will try and do a tutorial on it!!
I took mom to church this morning.
It turned out to be a nice day!!
I didn't get the shop open thou, I know I'm a bad girl!!!
I had lunch ready for the campers when they got home and we had a nice lunch of
Spanish chicken, rice, salad and garlic bread!!
I have the leftovers in the crock and have made it into a
tomato, chicken and rice soup!!LOL
Michelle I think broke her foot at the camp,
I put her on the couch with a cold pack!!
We will call soon to see how she made out at the hospital!!
Well not much else today!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ugh!!! What a night I had.....

Oh Man!!
Last night I couldn't sleep!!
I had all my craft shows and the one I am taken care of on my mind!!
I finally made a list of all the things that where on my mind, but that didn't work!!
2 full pages later, I got up and came on the computer!!

I searched out all the local news papers web sites and logged them into my favs!! I wanted to put on ads for the craft show, to advertise for vendors!! I did that today, only 2 of them would let me do that, but it's better than none!! I will search out the town web sites in the area too as I know they will have community calendars to post on!! But that is for tomorrow night!!!

Today I called back some of the vendors we had last year, so so far I have sold 7 tables!! I think I have another 20 or so to go!! Ugh!! I can take 2, but I really don't want to!!LOL

DH, his son, our DIL and our 2 Grandkids, came here to go up to the camp with him!!
They are going to move a hunting hut in the bush tomorrow!!
I hope they get ok weather, as they are calling for rain!!

It was so nice seeing my babies!!
I miss not having them live close to us!!! They are growing so fast!!
I loved it when they all lived with us a few years back!!!
They are all doing great and working hard!! I'm hoping they will take advantage of the house market, as they are almost ready to buy again!! They had to relocate due to down sizing on DSS work place, but he is working steady again and this is good!!! DIL can always get a job in her field, as she is good at what she does!!

Well I took Mom to Bingo tonight and played myself!! No wins for us though!! Usually I work at the bingo, but I helped then played for a change!!
Should have just worked, I would have saved $25!!LOL
Mom played all her games tonight, which is a first since she started going back after her stroke!! She just get so tired!!! She is doing so great!!!!!!

I didn't get any crafting done today as my day was cut short, but sleeping in!!LOL

So laundry, baking and hugging the GK's was all I got done today!!

Tomorrow I am in a Ucher Tournament, and have to be up at the Legion by 9am as we are car pooling to the other Legion, it's about 45 minutes away!! I may take my own car and drive myself as I think I will go shopping in the city after, since I will only be 20 minutes from a Micheals and Wal~Mart!!LOL DH is away, so I will SHOP!!!!!!!LOL

Well I guess I should get into bed since I have to be up and ready in 8 hours!!LOL

Have a Care All!!!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

What A Beautiful Day!!

Well it turned out to be a beautiful day here!! Warm and sunny!! While driving you could really start to see the wonderful tree colours out!!! Wow What a sight they are going to be this fall!!!

This morning we ended up going into town and did the usual, banking groceries, $store!!LOL

I just love the $ stores!! I went to one today and got the "Desperate House Wives" Board Game!! I couldn't believe it!! It comes in a large tin and it looks great!! I bought 4 and have given one away already!! My Sister took one, and was on her way to pick up some too!! I will be donating mine at Christmas time, as they are a great gift!! They were just $1!! Unbelievable!!!!

DH and I had a great lunch out at a spot we have not tried before, being new to the area, we try to see what we might like to try around town! The restaraunt we went to was called Neabours, and we loved it!! Resonable and great food!! We will go back for sure!!

I have taken over the Burnt River United Church Christmas Craft Sale for Dalene, so I have emailed all my Vendor WANT ADS into 4 newspapers and I have called all the past vendors to see if they are interested in doing the sale again this year!! The other church in town is also having their Bazzar the same day so that will help!! Grant and I made big signs last year for the Hwy advertising the sale the week before, so we will use them again this year!! I will also advertise the sale itself when the time comes!! In another town there is a crafters community store so I will go in there and see if I can get a few business cards of vendors and call them too!! I'm trying to fill a second room at the community center and get this show bigger and better then ever!!

Today I drew out the floor plan as I remember it and have started placing the peoples names in their spots!! It's not a lot of work as long as I stay organized!! LOL!!! I may change my mind on this but so far so good!!

For me this is the first show of the season, so it's a good way to get myself organized with my own stock and to get my head wrapped around the show season!! Siked I guess in other words!!LOL

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday September 24th 2008

Well here we go!!
I have decided to get on the band wagon and start .....
My name is NORTH OF 7 aka Patricia, Patty, Pat, Pabs, Trish.
It just depends on how long you have known me!!LOL
I live in Cottage Country, in Ontario Canada!!
Gods Country of the Great White North!!
Before I go on, I must explain the picture of me above!!LOL
It was taken last Saturday at a dance, by..... You guessed it, as drunk person!!Hahahaha
Why? You say is my blog called Re-Claimed Treasures?
Well I'll tell you!!
I have a small Business at my home and I sell small antiques, collectibles, unique handmade
items and jewellery!!
I do shows in the fall and hope to find a few more in my area at other times of the year
as I am farely new to the area, as we have only lived up here for just over a year!!
I am afraid I'm not open very much as I seem to be too busy most days!!Ugh!!
I help care for my mother (just one driveway over) and I am involved with a few organisations
up here in Small Town Canada!!
Anyway I promise to try and do better about getting my shop open a couple times a week and I will let you know if anyone stops by and buys!!
Anyway on most days you can find me at http://crafterscommunity.com/forum/ this site at some point of the day, as I am a Moderator and long time member!!
As the days go on I will share life and crafted items with you all, along with pictures of the things I have made and have just created!!
Some of the things I like to make are......
ATC's, Greeting Cards, Photography, Jewellery, Water Colour Painting,
Drawing, Embrodery, Sewing,
Knitting, crocheting(both of these are limited)
Also I have done Quilting, Wood Working, I cut china up and make Jewellery from the china designs, I will share some pictures!!
One of my favourite things to do is to make something ordinary
into something extrodinary!!
You will see when you see the pictures!!
Anyway keep an eye on my blog as you may be inspired to create too!!