Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How Time Flies!!!

Well Hello again!!!LOL
I can't believe it has been this long since I last posted
Life Happens!!
So lets see, What Has Happened?
The craft show I organised was a Great Success for the Church!!!
I heard nothing but praise, for all the work I did!!
The ladies made about $1000, with the quilt, luncheon
and off thier craft and bake tables!!
Me on the other hand still did about the same amount of sales as I do every year there!!
This weekend is my Biggest Show I have this season!!
I am so calm, I just don't understand!!LOL
I guess because I have more stock then I could possibly sell in a year!!LOL
I am going to sell off my festive earrings at $1 a pr in my last 2 shows!!!
I want to clear a bunch of that stock out!!!
I have been very busy with community events and meetings of late!!
Tis the season!! LOL
I have joined the executive of the BRASS, I am the Secretary.
This group was going to fold so Mom and I went to the meeting to fight for the group!!
Glad it is still going!!
The Legion has been very busy and Me with!!LOL
Tomorrow I have to Cook a turkey for the dinner this weekend!!
Well I picked it up today and I have never seen a turkey this big before!!Ugh!!!
It's huge!!!!LOL
Today was a stay home day!!
I just had to go into town to pick the turkey and a couple parcels!!!
Books and More Books!!!
I got a bunch of crafting books(Of course) and some for the GK's!!
I will try some of the projects this winter!!
Well thats about it for me!!!