Thursday, May 19, 2011

May Long Weekend!!!!

Well it's the May 2 4 Long weekend, here in Canada!!
It's yard sale city every where, every group has their sale this weekend!!
Grant and I will be out to a few tomorrow, and Saturday morning too!!
All the cottagers come up to open up there cottages and trailers.
This is also the start of not going down town except in the early morning!!LOL
Tourist take over up here and it is no fun for the rest of us!!
As far as I know we have no one coming up, but my brother has a house full so I imagine we will be over there a lot this weekend!!
BBQ'n and having fun watching the young ones go for the first dip in the lake of the season!!
It will be cold as we haven't had a lot of hot days in a row!! All the power to them, I will wait till mother nature heats up the water!!
With the price of gas right now it is keeping family and friends at home more, so we may have a quiet summer.....Naaaa not likely!!!LOL
Have a great one all!!
Play safe and enjoy the summer!!

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