Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jamboree Vendors

Well I have had a busy few days signing up vendors for the up coming 4th Annual Kinmount Country Jamboree.
We are offering Free Vendor set up this year!!
I have been put in charge in finding new vendors!!
I have really enjoyed this!!
A list of vendors so far.....
Home Party Jewellery.."Just Jewelry"
Handmade barn board furniture...."The Rustic Cottager"
LED and fire toys...."Friendly Fire"
Wook items for the home, watkins, copper and silver jewellery,
lawn ornaments and more, my jewellery too!!
I have 15 vendors to date!!
I have been getting a good variety, and I am thrilled and o are the organizers!!
I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!LOL
Hahahaha!! Just got another call for a vendor as I was typing!!!

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Lynn said...

HEY! you forgot to mention your favourite candle company! If you want, I may be able to get a few more interested!